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Seamless Integration

Your development team quickly learns and adopts your processes and tools, engaging with you as a transparent extension of your team. If you need help strengthening your processes or tools, we provide guidance.

Quality Talent

We find the best available talent, with the exact skills you need to complement your team, and then allow you the flexibility to move between skillsets as the project flow requires.

Trusted Partnership

We walk closely with you throughout the engagement, regularly fine tuning the processes. Our goal is to learn your business deeply, so we can effectively develop great software with you.

Joe D’Aguanno, CTO, Alliance Franchise Brands

Working with Covalience was refreshing. We needed a partner that truly understood our requirements and could provide the talent needed to get our projects done. Right from the discovery process we knew we had the right development partner. Their questions were timely, thorough, and insightful, often forcing us to think about things we had not yet considered.

Joe D’Aguanno

CTO, Alliance Franchise Brands

BetterDevTeamsTM Process for Integrated Teams

What Makes a Better Integrated Team?
What Makes a Better Integrated Team?
What Makes a Better Integrated Team?

What Makes a Better Integrated Team?

It’s hard to find good development talent in today’s market, but that hasn’t slowed down the expectations for delivering technology projects. When you’ve looked outside for help, you’ve probably run into all kinds of frustrations — poor communication, time zone challenges, failure to understand requirements, low quality deliverables, lack of initiative, cultural differences. You don’t have to settle for sub-standard development in order to benefit from a globally distributed development team.

We created Covalience to relieve this exhaustion, so you can get back to focusing on leading while we manage all the details of the remote development for you. Our refreshing approach to integrated teams is designed to provide you with a quality team you can rely on for great results, while giving you back your time and resources for the critical tasks entrusted to you.

The first step is to clearly define your development needs. Our team listens carefully, seeking to understand both your business and the development challenges your facing.

Next, we work with you to create a team engagement model that uniquely your talent requirements, working processes, and budget constraints. We pull together a team with the right resources in the right places, and the flexibility you need to manage through the ebb and flow of development projects.

With your team in place, you can now drive more projects and deliver more software to the business. We make the process of managing a globally distributed team seamless and refreshing, freeing you to focus on leading your business forward. As needed, we also provide tools, processes, and consulting to further strengthen the output of your development teams; and our regular, transparent review process ensures that you are getting the desired results while allowing us to continuously adjust the process to address changing market and business conditions.

Integrating a global development team has unique challenges. Differences in language, time zone, culture, and experiences can all complicate project delivery. That’s why we have taken our leaders and moved them overseas with our remote development teams. This way, there is always someone who shares your context working directly with your remote team to make sure they also fully understand you and your business.

Companies we work with describe this approach as “refreshing”. They are able to refocus on creating value while relying on their Covalience development teams to deliver their projects smoothly from requirements to launch.

Robert Miller, President, BBT

Covalience does a great job of adjusting to us and figuring us out. They are willing to be flexible and are continuously calibrating our relationship to ensure success.

Robert Millar
President, BBT

Do you need more development capacity to get all of your projects done? Are you tired of wrestling with contractors and offshore developers who don’t seem to understand your business and take up all of your time?

A refreshing development experience awaits you. Schedule a Conversation with us and let’s discuss your development team needs.

Everything You Need to Extend Your Development Team

Software Engineering

Develop full-stack, custom software solutions that reach your users wherever they are from wherever your business runs – on-premise or in the cloud.





Software Testing
Software Testing

Whether manual or automated, use industry best practices to test your software and identify issues before your end users do.

Manual Testing

Automated Testing
ISTQB Certified

Certified Testers
Mobile Development

Create a captivating mobile experience and engage your users, wherever they happen to be.


Hybrid (JavaScript)



Project Management

Streamline your development team’s output and increase their efficiency.

Agile Project Management
Certified Scrum Masters

Certified Scrum Masters
System Integration

Customize and integrate your systems to fit your business and share data effectively.

Middleware Development

Data Integration

API Development

Business Systems
Kevin Martin, CEO, CirrusPoint Solutions

Covalience provided engineers that were in the flow of what we were doing. It felt like an extension of our team and we were impressed by the rate and quality at which development tasks were getting knocked out. Thanks to Covalience, we’ve been able to spend less time recruiting, and more time focused on developing our product.

Kevin Martin

CEO, CirrusPoint Solutions

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