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Building a great development team to deliver your technology initiatives is tough. You need a team of talented software developers who can understand your business and requirements, ask the critical questions, deliver high-quality software on schedule, and fit your budget. And you need them to be invested with you for the long-haul — not here today, gone tomorrow.

At Covalience, we carefully hire great developers — locally and globally — so we can provide you development teams with the depth of skill, attention to quality, and process proficiency you need to get your projects delivered while you focus on leading and growing your business. We provide stable, committed teams and continuously invest in training, research, and ongoing skills development to ensure your development team can apply the latest innovations to your applications.

BetterDevTeamsTM Software Engineering Process

Engage Trusted Engineering Talent Experienced In
Engage Trusted Engineering Talent Experienced In
Engage Trusted Engineering Talent Experienced In

Microsoft® Technologies

  • dotNet
  • Microsoft-sql
  • azure
  • Visual Studio
  • C Sharp
  • SSRS
  • Crystal Reports
  • Dot Net Core
  • Typescript
  • entity-framework
  • MVC
  • MVC
  • MVC
  • MVC
  • MVC

The Microsoft® technology stack is constantly evolving, so applying the latest technologies to your software development projects can be a daunting task. Finding affordable, talented engineers with the depth of experience and the breadth of skills you need to build your applications is extremely difficult, as well. Our software engineers are continuously working to stay current with the latest developments in the Microsoft® technology eco-system, so that you always get great software built with today’s technology.

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Open Source Stacks

  • lamp
  • PHP
  • Cake PHP
  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • SQL
  • Drupal
  • Laravel
  • Symfony
  • codeigniter

Open Source technologies like PHP and MySQL are popular, reliable foundations for web development projects, so finding inexpensive development talent is easy. Finding reliable, highly-skilled talent you can trust is much more difficult. Navigating the sea of independent contractors, offshore providers, and staffing firms is time consuming, and once you’ve found developers you hope will work for you, you still have the overwhelming job of integrating them into your team, managing their work, and trying to keep them current with new technology developments happening every day.

We’ve assembled a global team of talented Open Source development engineers so you can focus on driving your business instead of recruiting, managing, and retaining developers across the globe. Our engineers are versed in an array of technologies and continuously developing their expertise, which we combine with a process for thoroughly understanding your business objectives, enabling you to bring the best solutions to bear on your development challenges.

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We partnered with Covalience to expand our development capacity. With a time-to-market deadline, we didn’t have the resources for a lengthy development cycle but needed to move our current application technologies and architecture forward. They provided a virtual team who quickly learned our product and worked seamlessly with our product manager and existing global team to successfully build out our application.

Greg Salzman

President, Aleyant Systems

Front-End (JavaScript)

  • Jquery
  • Angular
  • React
  • Bootstrap
  • JS
  • Html5
  • CSS3

As mobile continues to grow and your users want access to your business applications wherever they happen to be, front-end programming–and JavaScript in particular–becomes an ever more critical component in your overall technology strategy. It’s also becoming harder to find good JavaScript developers who can work across your desktop, mobile, and even your back-end applications.

There’s a wide and growing range of JavaScript frameworks available, so you need a team that can determine the right one for each situation and implement it effectively. With a skilled team in place, you’ll enjoy all the versatility JavaScript can offer in integrating with your business systems and cloud services. At Covalience, we’ve brought together a team of front-end developers with experience across these assorted technologies so that you have access to the skills and experience you need, when you need it.

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  • Java
  • Postgres
  • SQL
  • Struts
  • Spring
  • Hybernate
  • AmCharts
  • Maven

Java is still the tool of choice for many enterprise software applications and large-scale web applications. Its highly structured, object-oriented approach and open architecture makes it ideal for large deployments across multiple devices and technology platforms. If you’re building your applications in Java, your systems are likely sizeable, and you need developers who can work beyond just coding and can truly understand your business objectives and the complexities of your data and processing structures.

At Covalience, our Java developers are selected for their ability to dig deep into requirements, solve complex software problems, and build large-scale software solutions.

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Experience with 50+ technologies, platforms,
and frameworks

And always adding more…

Find the Flexibility You Need

Software development is never “one size fits all”, so we provide flexible options for engaging with our engineers. Whether you need a team for a specific project or an ongoing partnership to complement your existing team, our engagement architects can help you define, design, and implement the right team.

Complete a Project

Building an application? Engage a seasoned team to take your application from requirements definition to launch ― and beyond.

Add Capacity

Need more development capacity? Seamlessly integrate the right resources you need to complement your team and accelerate growth.

Strengthen Your Team

Struggling to get results from your current distributed team? Identify and correct the issues holding your team back.

Our BetterDevTeamsTM Commitment

Teams you can trust to create great software, so you can focus on leading innovation
  • Great Talent – only hire top 10% of candidates
  • Transparent Reporting – clear and timely project status
  • High Quality – 90+% Peer Reviewed Code
  • Clear Communication – focused on creating clarity, locally or globally
  • Flexible Engagement Models – built around your development and budget requirements
  • Efficient Tools and Processes – collaborative tools and processes to streamline development
  • Regular Reviews – continuously refine processes to ensure optimal results
  • Easy Access – Engagement Coordinators and Management readily available when needed
  • Reverse Offshoring – our top management has moved to offshore locations to manage and mentor our teams

Covalience provided us with a team that has truly become an extension of our team. We work directly with their developers via daily interaction. As an enterprise solution we require a sophisticated development team and Covalience has consistently provided excellent support. They have gone above and beyond and their input has helped us shape our product.

Aisha Reed, Vice President of Software Development, CirrusPoint
Aisha Reed
Vice President of Software Development

You’ll Be in Good Company

  • Aleyant
  • Alliance Franchise Brands
  • Oracle
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