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Active Listening

Your team listens carefully, asks good questions, and seeks to clearly and fully understand your business situation and the challenges you are facing.

Powerful Insights

You benefit from our extensive experience building and managing global technology teams. We look at your business from all angles — business, technology, process, culture — and identify actionable solutions.

Trusted Partnership

Your team walks closely with you through the entire process, from discovery to implementation. Our goal is to help you successfully deploy changes that significantly strengthen your team’s execution.

Tom Wilson, Engineering Manager, RightNow/Oracle

One of the hardest parts of working with globally distributed team members is the cultural divide and Covalience helped solve those problems for us so we could focus on writing code and delivering value.

Tom Wilson

Engineering Manager, RightNow/Oracle

Strengthen Your Global Teams

How do You Strengthen a Global Team?
How do You Strengthen a Global Team?
How do You Strengthen a Global Team?

How do You Strengthen a Global Team?

When you have a globally distributed development team, there can be numerous challenges. The companies we work with have experienced issues like poor communication, time zone challenges, failure to understand requirements, low quality, and lack of initiative. Add to this all the underlying cultural differences, and managing your distributed team can be a very frustrating experience.

We’ve been there too. With over 10 years of managing our own global development teams and decades of cross-cultural experience, we’ve worked through the many issues that come with using global talent. But we’ve also experienced the tremendous benefits of global teams — access to more talent, faster delivery times, reduced project costs.

You can benefit from our experience. We can help you break through the challenges that are limiting your team’s productivity so you can deliver more value back to your business from the investments you’ve already made.

Whenever you engage Covalience, we start by listening. We take the time to dig into your situation and deeply understand your business and its unique challenges. Once we feel we have truly understood your team’s dynamics, we work with you to identify and prioritize specific initiatives you can put in place to remove obstacles.

As you implement these recommendations, we walk with you through the process, providing our expertise in managing the changes and helping you address any issues that arise.

You’ve made a sizeable investment of time and money in your globally distributed team. Our goal is to help you get a higher return on that investment and deliver more value back into your business, freeing you to focus on setting and driving your technology vision.

You can remove the obstacles that are holding your teams back. Schedule a conversation and let’s discuss how to unlock the potential of your distributed teams.

Strengthen Your Team with our Global Experience

Project Management

Streamline your development team’s output and increase their efficiency.

Agile Project Management
Certified Scrum Masters

Certified Scrum Masters

Strengthen your development capabilities ― whether it’s defining your next project, improving your current teams and processes, or establishing your own offshore team.

Requirements Definition

Agile Project Management

Strengthen Existing Teams

Process Improvement

Setup Offshore Teams
Greg Salzman, CEO, Aleyant

Covalience provided insight and experience to help us get the consistent, quality results we wanted from our remote development team.

Greg Salzman

CEO, Aleyant

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