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These days, there are applications for every process in your business. Keeping your commercial and proprietary systems all working together seamlessly — both on-premise and in the cloud — can be a complex and difficult task.

As you strive to pull your processes, data, and systems together effectively and to deliver better, actionable insights from your data, we can help. With over 10 years of experience assisting companies in finding effective system integration solutions, our development teams give you the comprehensive business understanding and technical expertise to keep processes running smoothly and deliver increasing value back to management.

BetterDevTeamsTM System Integration Process

Find Trusted Systems Integration Talent Experienced In
Find Trusted Systems Integration Talent Experienced In
Find Trusted Systems Integration Talent Experienced In

Find Trusted Systems Integration Talent Experienced In:

Business Systems

  • Quickbooks
  • GreatPlains
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Zoho CRM
  • RightNow
  • Orchard CMS
  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Assembla
  • Jira
  • trello
  • pressero
  • Sage
  • virtuous

As more and more of your third-party business systems move to the cloud, it becomes increasingly complex to streamline your business processes and leverage your data between them. Often, getting more value out of these systems begins with configuring and customizing them to fit your business processes more closely and better integrate with your other systems. More complex integrations might require you to build custom modules or implement intermediary systems.

Our experienced engineers have worked on configuring and integrating a wide variety of tools and applications across CRM, ERP, Financial Systems, Sales/Marketing Automation, HR Management Systems, and Content Management Systems. If you need to optimize your existing system, connect multiple systems, or build custom functionality to extend your system, our team can help you get the job done right.

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Data Integration

  • SQL Server
  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • Azure
  • .NET
  • PHP
  • Java

Sometimes, you just need to get the data from multiple systems together for analysis and presentation. Whether you need it to be synchronized to a shared database, pushed into another application, or consolidated into reports, getting the data where you need it, when you need it, is challenging when you have disparate systems.

We can help you get the value you want from the data stored in your business systems, whether they are proprietary or third-party applications. Our engineers help you determine if data integration is a good solution for your specific requirements and then implement the best solution that fits your applications and data.

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Paul Wywrot, Director of Technology Development, Alliance Franchise Brands

Covalience quickly learned how we were using the Great Plains system, identified the most effective way to integrate it into the application we were building, and then implemented it flawlessly.

Paul Wywrot

Director of Technology Development, Alliance Franchise Brands

API Development

  • .NET
  • PHP
  • Java

With so many systems moving to the cloud, your homegrown applications may no longer be able to integrate the way you want with the rest of your business systems. In order to contain your applications for security and maintainability, integrating them directly at the data level is not a viable option. If you don’t have a suitable API for your application, it becomes very difficult to bring your business systems together.

Our software engineers are well versed in building and extending API’s to facilitate system integration. We can help you build out the API interfaces you need to keep your data protected and to allow for better support and maintainability of your systems, while still streamlining your workflows and sharing your data efficiently between systems.

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Middleware Development

  • Azure
  • .NET
  • PHP
  • Java
  • Node Js
  • SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL

Tying two systems together via their API’s or data is sometimes not enough to meet your business requirements. You may have additional business processing that needs to happen between the two systems and neither system can easily be customized to deliver it. The integration process can be further complicated when there are proprietary or multiple systems involved. When your business requires a seamless integration, you want a solution you can depend on to work consistently and reliably.

Our development teams have worked with integrating a wide-array of both proprietary and commercial systems developing custom middleware solutions. We work closely with you to fully understand the underlying business requirements, system constraints, and technical architecture, and then put together a solution that is both dependable and transparent, so that your users can focus on running the business, instead of trying to patch their processes and data together.

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Find the Flexibility You Need

System integration is never “one size fits all”, so we provide flexible options for engaging with our engineers and consultants. Whether you need a team for a specific project or an ongoing partnership to complement your existing team, our engagement architects can help you define, design, and implement the right team.

Complete a Project

Integrating multiple systems? Engage the right team to connect your systems from requirements to launch — and beyond.

Add Capacity

Need more capacity for system integration? Seamlessly engage the right resources you need to complement your team and accelerate growth.

Strengthen Your Team

Struggling to get results from your current system integration team? Identify and correct the issues holding your team back.

Our BetterDevTeamsTM Commitment

Teams you can trust to create great software, so you can focus on leading innovation
  • Great Talent – only hire top 10% of candidates
  • Transparent Reporting – clear and timely project status
  • High Quality – 90+% Peer Reviewed Code
  • Clear Communication – focused on creating clarity, locally or globally
  • Flexible Engagement Models – built around your development and budget requirements
  • Efficient Tools and Processes – collaborative tools and processes to streamline development
  • Regular Reviews – continuously refine processes to ensure optimal results
  • Easy Access – Engagement Coordinators and Management readily available when needed
  • Reverse Offshoring – our top management has moved to offshore locations to manage and mentor our teams

It was freeing once I realized I could ‘let go’ and be confident that Covalience would get even the difficult and complex tasks completed. Working with Covalience has brought a sense of relief, because they understood my challenges and had the technical know-how to help me.

Scott Szwiec, CIO, Trias Solutions
Scott Szwiec
Trias Solutions

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