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Comprehensive Understanding

Your project team asks thoughtful questions and actively listens to gain a thorough understanding of both your business and requirements, so they can deliver the application you envisioned.

Quality Delivery

Your application is built with attention to all the details ― timelines, budgets, communication, processes ― with the goal of providing you a refreshing development experience.

Trusted Partnership

Your team walks closely with you through the entire development process ― from requirements to launch ― while striking the balance between delivering your vision and providing expert guidance where needed.

Brandon Mann, Founder and Board Member BBT

Covalience made our passion, their passion.

Brandon Mann

Founder / Board Member, BBT

Delivering Projects with BetterDevTeamsTM

What Makes a Better Project Team?
What Makes a Better Project Team?
What Makes a Better Project Team?

What Makes a Better Project Team?

When you hire a team to build your application for you, you want to know they’ll get the job done right, so you can focus on driving your business. Hiring the right team gives you a trusted partner to take a load off your shoulders, while hiring the wrong team leads to unending frustration trying to get your application delivered on time and on budget, and still functioning the way you envisioned.

At Covalience, our project teams start with a comprehensive understanding of your business and your vision for the application, and finish with a successful launch of your software. In between, we are committed to clear communication, transparency, technical excellence, and dedication to creating a refreshing development experience that frees you to focus on leading your business forward.

A Covalience project team starts by listening. Our goal is to deeply understand the business context of the application you are trying to build. This understanding allows us to ask better technical questions, design better user experiences, and anticipate potential implementation challenges. By understanding your underlying business drivers, we can help you build a better application that delivers the business results you need.

This foundation then becomes the framework from which we partner with you in designing your project. That design is more than just UI/UX design and technical architecture; it’s also the development process, the implementation strategy, the post-launch operations plan, and all the other little details that often determine the success or failure of a project more than the technology itself.

Once you have a roadmap and application design, we start building your application. Our designers, programmers, testers, and project coordinators all work closely with you to make your vision a reality. We use industry best practices for agile project management and software testing coupled with collaborative tools and transparent communication processes to ensure your software is built right and delivered on time and within budget.

Mark Palmer

Working with Covalience was a pleasant surprise.  The process was collaborative and seamless and the communication was excellent.

Mark Palmer
Managing Partner, Product Development

Your application will only create value if launched, so we work with you throughout the development process to prepare for a successful deployment and make sure you can efficiently run and support your application post-launch, as well.

A Covalience project team is dedicated to creating a development experience that allows you to put the focus on the things that matter most to your business – technical innovation, business leadership, strategic planning, execution. We remove the frustration of managing the development details and deliver the software you envisioned.

A refreshing application development experience awaits you. Schedule a Conversation with us and let’s discuss your next project.

Everything You Need for Your Next Project

Software Engineering

Develop full-stack, custom software solutions that reach your users wherever they are from wherever your business runs – on-premise or in the cloud.





Software Testing
Software Testing

Whether manual or automated, use industry best practices to test your software and identify issues before your end users do.

Manual Testing

Automated Testing

Certified Testers
Digital Design

Convert your ideas into beautiful, efficient user experiences.




Design Implementation
System Integration

Customize and integrate your systems to fit your business and share data effectively.

Middleware Development

Data Integration

API Development

Business Systems
Project Management

Streamline your development team’s output and increase their efficiency.

Agile Project Management
Certified Scrum Masters

Certified Scrum Masters
Mobile Development

Create a captivating mobile experience and engage your users, wherever they happen to be.


Hybrid (JavaScript)




Covalience was willing to be flexible and let us drive what we wanted to do with our product. Their team worked with us to get where we wanted to go. Then they delivered on time and did exactly what they said they would do to help us get our product launched.

Dan Cutaia

Founder and President, Arrive Home Mortgage (makers of BeLoanReady)

Turning an Idea into an Application

HIRE DIRECTION had an idea for using data to better predict the success of a job candidate in a particular job role, resulting in a recruiting platform that could significantly improve a company’s ability to hire the right people. However, they didn’t know what it would take to build it and get it to market.

As they spoke with consultants, the project seemed to grow without concern for cost and they feared ending up with something very different from what they had originally envisioned. They were also concerned the scope would exceed their ability to finance the project.

When Jason and Mark engaged Covalience, they were looking for a partner who could help them prioritize the application requirements and constrain their Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to a financially manageable project. They needed a company that could understand their business and their vision for the application and translate it into an achievable initial product offering.

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