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As digital transformation across industries has accelerated over the past few years, it has become increasingly difficult and expensive to find quality tech talent. Rising turnover rates and the Great Resignation have further exacerbated the talent shortage making it challenging for companies to recruit and retain the talent they need.

In turbulent times like these, learning how to navigate the tech talent market is essential for building a reliable dev team to achieve your business goals.

Register for our webinar to hear from a panel of CEOs as they share their experiences driving their product development amid a turbulent talent market.

Watch and you’ll learn:

  • How to navigate the current tech talent market and evaluate different resources options to maximize the stability of your team and projects
  • Strategies for consistently achieving your product development milestones despite high turnover rates and a turbulent talent market
  • Practical advice for maintaining project momentum if members of your dev team change mid-project

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Kevin Sandahl
As a co-founder and the CEO of Covalience, Kevin is passionate about leading and coaching high-performing global software delivery teams. Kevin has over 25 years of experience working across a wide array of industries helping technology leaders build innovative software solutions to business problems.
Lucas Cherry
Founder & CEO
Give Interactive
Lucas is the founder & CEO of Give Interactive, a fintech start-up that provides modernized software solutions for foundations. He leads the company’s product development, tech talent acquisition, and strategic development partnerships.
Matthieu Vollmer
CEO & President
Arbré Technologies
Matt is one of the co-founders and CEO of Arbré Technologies, a RFID inventory management solution for the horticulture industry. He works on strategic leadership and the direction of the company, including overseeing the company’s product development efforts and strategic development partnerships.
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