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IdeaKindler had a series of mobile applications designed to help men engage more frequently and meaningfully with their significant others. Using gamification techniques, the apps allow men to configure regular goals, activities and tasks such as phone calls, sending a note, scheduling a date, and running an errand and then tracks the follow-through while all the while reminding the user when actions are required or goals are falling behind.

Our Challenges

The biggest design challenge with this project was to convert already built conceptual designs into a working app that functioned across all of the existing iPhoneâ„¢ form factors. The design had to be responsive, stay as true as possible to the designs provided, and be able to accommodate the programming logic and user experience flow required by the app itself. The designs also had to maintain thematic unity across the suite of apps, while still giving each app a unique identity.

Our Approach

Our design team started with the application screen designs that had been put together by IdeaKindler’s product management team. Those designs were not created by professional designers and were not sized or configured properly to integrate into the apps. Our design team then met with product managers and identified overall design goals, particularly around the feel of the app and the central app “characters”. We then converted the designs into working prototypes for the various form factors. Once approved we integrated the designs into the code to deliver the final versions of the apps.

UI & UX Design


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