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Technology Firm’s Customer Portal

Fortified Data helps companies leverage their data. With extensive experience across a wide variety of enterprise systems, their Managed Services for enterprise data are designed to support requirements for growth, performance and cost control. They ensure a client’s mission critical data tier is supported 24/7 while maximizing availability, scalability and performance. As a result, they wanted to ensure that when their clients used their Customer Portal they were able easily see and track key metrics.

Our Challenges

The Fortified Data executives asked us to do the UX and UI of their Customer Portal. It was important that their clients would be able to see important things they needed to track on the first page of the portal, and that the data was easy to read and understand. As far as color choice for the portal, their logo is comprised of light colors, however they wanted their portal to be designed in darker colors.

Our Approach

Two of our designers were involved in defining the story line of the customer. We created a mixture of material design and flat design. We used a 3D look for the graphs instead of a flat look to make the data easier to read. We picked a color palette complementary to the existing logo to accommodate the client’s design preference for a darker color for the portal.

UI & UX Design


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