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Time & Leave Management System

This software was developed to create a two-way communication tool for time-off requests between the employees and the management team to replace email exchanges that were difficult to track and record.

Our Challenges

Extensive information had to be displayed on the first page of the application for ease of use and to reduce navigation steps. The challenge was how to creatively show these details regarding the different types of leaves, including flexible and national holidays, in one place. The design also had to be responsive so that employees could access it from mobile devices.

Our Approach

We designed a website that is easy to understand easy to navigate by putting all the call to actions on the first fold. This dynamic application allows employees to add time worked on specific tasks daily. It is integrated with the company’s project management tool (Assembla), so the Leave Management System can directly pull hours worked from Assembla.

Instead of email exchanges, requests and approvals for time off can now be done digitally, and then tracked in easy to view calendars and report.

UI & UX Design


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