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Website for Nonprofit

BBT is a nonprofit organization that provides Biblical leadership coaching, development and curriculum to small groups. The BBT coaches work with group leaders to assess, equip and encourage them to lead in every area of life. The proprietary leadership development process they created is called the Leadership Flywheelâ„¢.

Our Challenges

BBT wanted to enhance the user experience on their website. The current website was done in Adobe Muse and they wanted to move it to WordPress. Their organization (who serves group leaders, group leader coaches and participants) had the following objectives for the portal: Enable group leaders and coaches to manage the study group process easily and more efficiently, enhance the participants' sense of community, increase participant awareness of opportunities to donate to the organization, and provide a feedback mechanism from the participants to the organization.

Our Approach

To change all the HTML code on the site, we followed the 960 Grid System. We analyzed the page speeds so that we were able to enable the site to load faster on the web, and we converted all the pages to WordPress. We created a responsive website so that users could access the site from all devices. By developing a web app, the site administrator can manage the site and respond to feedback from the users.

UI & UX Design


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